Retro Game Master finally came to North American shores with the help of gaming website Kotaku, exclusively allowing North American viewers a chance to watch this wonderful television series with English subtitles, and the occasional dubbing for the narrator.

Unfortunately, anyone residing outside of US will not be able to watch the streaming episodes, and thus bring about the birth of this blog-site.

Though hopefully this blog-site will help to spread the love of Retro Game Master to the masses, please kindly support the show if you like it, by buying their DVDs when it has finally been brought to the English-speaking community.
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Friday, August 12, 2011

Episode 8's elusive presence?!

Yeah, as much as I like to, I have yet manage to obtain episode 8 at the moment. It'll probably take some time before it finds its way to me but for the time being, I will upload some other episodes here, specifically GameCenter CX Season 1.

Yup, and they'll be in English subtitles.

Thanks for the patience thus far and look forward to these episodes real soon. : )

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